About me

This is me

Hello! I’m Niilo Hanni. I’m a 19-year-old indie game developer from Finland. I have made many small projects before. Some of them are not public. I have made a game called Swing Skate, and a game called Escape From Pong, which was a game jam game. I also have made a small roguelike-game, that isn’t public, as it was just an experiment. I also made a 2.5D platformer, that took 2 weeks to make. I have made many small mobile games too that aren’t public anymore. Here are pictures of my earlier games:

This was a game I made in 2 weeks in 2021 in a small team.

This was from a game called “Swing Skate” that I made a very long time ago. It’s still available on itch.io

another image from a game that is available on itch.io This game was a game jam game that I made in 48 hours.

My itch.io profile is here: https://n1ppe.itch.io/